Saltwater swimming pool

Advantages of saltwater pools

Low Chlorine Levels - First, the water in a saltwater pool has less chlorine content compared to a regular pool. This is because you do not need to physically add chlorine in the water. Instead, saltwater pool systems use chlorine generators that convert salt into chlorine. The low chlorine levels are particularly safe for chilren and do not cause red eyes or other irritations.

Gentle on Your Skin - Second, because of the significantly lower chlorine content in the water, swimming pools that use saltwater systems are less damaging to the skin. People who have very sensitive skin or those who suffer from allergies will not have problems when they take a dip in this type of swimming pool.

Low Salt Levels - Third, even though they're called saltwater pools, the water actually has lower amounts of salt than ocean water. As a matter of fact, the salt content in this type of pool is proportionately the same as that in human tears. Hence, you can safely open your eyes even while underwater. The small amount of salt in the water can also make the skin feel softer and smoother. If you take by accident a sip of the pool water, you will hardly taste the salt.

Principles of saltwater pools

Saltwater pools are not treated with liquid or granular chlorine like a traditional pool. Instead, salt water pools are treated with common salt - which, through the process of electrolysis, is converted into chlorine. A common misconception about salt water pools is that the pool water will taste salty like the ocean. This is not the case. Ocean water has a salinity count of around 35,000 parts per million, and a salt water pool has about 3,000 parts per million. Humans have a salt taste threshold of approximately 3,500 part per million, which makes the salt in a salt water pool nearly undetectable to the human taste bud.

Saltwater pools also reduce maintenance, as the salt needs to be added far less frequently than traditional chlorine, and provides the convenience of not having to buy heavy and noxious chlorine. A salt water pool is gentler and kinder on the skin and eyes, will not discolor light hair, and does not leave the harsh smell of chlorine on your body. Other benefits of a salt treated pool is that you are swimming in a mild saline solution, as opposed to a harsher chemical environment. The saline pool is less drying to the body, and when you exit the pool your skin will feel softer and smoother and people generally feel more refreshed.

Weekly we have maintenance done at our pool. The pool boy will typically visit on Monday and clean the pool using a special pool cleaner. He will also check the general condition of the pool and adjust where required. The pool has fully automatic pH control, electrolysis control and can he heated upon request.