Welcome in our villa!

We would like to welcome you to our Villa Ninho dos Corvos. The Portuguese name 'Ninho dos Corvos' translates to 'Crows Nest'. This, after the viewpoint that you will find on top of our villa with a wide 360 degree view over the Praia D'el Rey Resort, the Praia d'el Rey golfcourse and the Atlantic Ocean.

Praia D'el Rey

Paria D'el rey is located on the Portuguese Silver Coast. Just an hour north of Lisbon the Silver Coast, Portugal’s Costa de Prata, is worlds away from the stress and rush of modern life. The Silver Coast is one of the treasures of Portugal, a place which offers everything you would expect from a holiday – except for the crowds.

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Saltwater swimming pool

The villa has a saltwater swimming pool. In regular swimming pools, chlorine is used to sanitize the pool. In case of a saltwater pool, sanitation is done through the use of electrolysis of common salt. The major advantage is that chlorine levels are significantly lower as compared to the traditional swimming pools. The water from a saltwater pool feels very soft and is very safe for children as it causes no red eyes. It also does not dry out the skin. For more information about out saltwater pool, click the link below.

Golf courses in the direct vicinity

Golf is an important part of the economy in Portugal. Many of the golf courses in Portugal are especially developed for golf tourism. The golf courses are recognised throughout the world for their quality and lay-out. Portugal currently is an important golf destination mainly due to the abundant availability of good golf courses and the mild climate. The diversity of golf courses is huge. Along the coast a lot of courses are located with great views of the ocean. But, also the parkland courses, located more inland, are magnificent. Within 10 minutes driving distance there are four 18-holes golfcourses. 

Praia D'el Rey

Praia D'El Rey is arguably one of the most stunning golf courses in Europe. Set among extensive pine forests and undulating dunes, with spectacular views over the Atlantic and the Berlengas Islands beyond. 

Royal Óbidos

Royal Óbidos Spa & Golf Resort is superbly located in a region blessed with UNESCO World Heritage sites, national monuments, and an Atlantic coastal area of breathtaking natural beauty

Bom Successo

The resort and the golf course are located on the banks of Óbidos Lagoon near the Atlantic Ocean in a unique and beautiful place that offers astonishing views of the natural surroundings

West Cliffs

The varied landscape and natural terrain was maintained undisturbed as possible to create an unique and world class 18-hole seaside links golf course alongside the silver coast. The golf course is managed by Praia D él Rey.

Praia d'el Rey has a micro-climate. Where the south of Portugal can become very hot during summer, PDR remains relatively cool. Also compared with Lisbon, a temperature difference of 5-6 degrees can be observed. The graph on the left is the actual reading of the outside temperature (max. and min.). The moderate temperatures make it comfortable during the summer period. It also explains, why airconditioning is not needed and hardly used in the PDR area.